There’s a Storm Coming


Can you HEAR the whistling in the winds.

The ocean longs to be still once again. 

The tides are high; 

getting ready to flood this land. 


Can you FEEL the movement of the trees. 

If we are willing, to us they will speak. 

They are not moved by the rustling of the leaves. 

If we are ready, their stillness, they will teach. 


Can you SEE the ground moving beneath our feet. 

We must look beyond, in order to perceive. 

This quake cannot be measured from tools made by man. 

This quake is extremely powerful; this quake will shake the land. 


Do you KNOW that there’s a storm up ahead. 

Will we take heed of the sirens; 

are our hearts and minds prepared. 

The prophet is the one who feels. 

The prophet is the one to see. 

There’s always a black sheep in the family;

what will happen if they cease to be.

Could their victory now become a defeat. 

When will this storm hit the land, I wonder. 

Will it be two years before this storm, we will see. 

Will it be months or weeks before the tide reaches this land. 

Will there be ten earthquakes or will there be three.  

Kai Alexzander Love 

-I came here for love

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


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