Call me Kai

“I had to face a lot coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges, and injuries.”Gabby Douglas

Where do I start?

I am not sure there ever was a beginning: It is almost as if I was breathed into existence with no beginning or end. I am here. I exist. I am a living being moving about in this world with vials of emotions and experience kept securely within the vault of my soul.
I am on a journey with no road-map, no GPS, no ‘turn left’ or ‘keep straight’ signs.

But I am not lost.

Who am I?

Call me Kai….

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee; the fourth of five children.
I don’t remember much of my childhood and teenage years. I remember a lot. And I have forgotten a lot. I am not sure ‘forgotten’ would be the truest expression of my lost memories. But there is information; information that contains moments, fears, joys, and spaces of time: Lost in the black hole of my subconscious. I am like a puzzle with missing pieces.

So here I am on my journey. Living, breathing moving. I am building, rebuilding, taking down and making room for something different.

Brick by Brick. I am reconstructing my walls of secrecy. wounds. past. pain. fear. hatred.
I had to and am facing a lot coming through this journey. And I want to share with you not only my sacrifices, difficulties, challenges and injuries. But my healing, my hopes, my failures, my success, my explorations, my dreams. My words.

Join me on this journey @

#Love and be Loved


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